Once the muse of the individual, Facebook and Twitter have become powerful business tools. You can now reach a far wider audience than before, keeping customers and clients up to date with your latest products, events, news etc.

Loudhailer will post on your behalf. It will post to your networks without the need for you to separately log in to Facebook and Twitter. Loudhailer also gives you the option to post immediately or at any time in the future. This feature is great for press releases allowing you to pre-date and queue up your releases.

Facebook Integration

Loudhailer can post any article you have written for your website or blog to your Facebook Page, complete with image, link and summary. Just want to post a status update? Not a problem. Simply enter your update and click 'Done'.

Twitter Integration

As with Facebook, any article you have written is available to use. Loudhailer automatically creates a 140 character tweet from your article, which can be edited should you need to. If you wish to add a link, your tweet is shortened to 120 characters to allow for the link.

LinkedIn Integration

Loudhailer will also post shares to your LinkedIn Company Page, which can contain an image and a link to your content on your website.

Upcoming Features

  • Post to Google+ (to be confirmed)
  • Upload tracks to your SoundCloud page (to be confirmed)

To keep your social networks secure, Loudhailer connects to them using OAuth, the industry standard for secure server communication. You can read more about the security behind Loudhailer by downloading our Loudhailer Security Introduction.


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